What Does Photography Mean To You?

Photography means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. When considering what photography means to you it is easy to forget how photos make us feel…because that is truly why we love them so much. Photos are an extension of our memories.


I remember being five years old, putting on my favorite outfit, and going out to have professional pictures taken with the entire family in tow. As a little kid I took everything very seriously. I sat extremely still exactly how the photographer told me to, and I gave my cheesiest smile with all my cousins and my sister neatly placed around me. Now that I’m grown up, I’m extremely grateful for my behavior since these are the pictures that everyone outside the family gets to see.

el-paso-family-photography-valerie-kateFamilies have many different types of photos, all are priceless. Walking through my parent’s house I find Disney vacations, the Grand Canyon, or my first day of kindergarten. I see the high top sneakers I chose to pair with my catholic school uniform, my awkward years, fancy senior pictures, countless holidays, and birthdays. These pictures are unique and capture a memory, which a family understands to be special.

Families exist as a unit, providing unconditional love and support no matter how big or small, or far apart. The photographs taken of the family serve as insurance for an individual’s most prized memories. Getting professional pictures taken is an investment worth every penny. When I look back on those cheesy smiles and remember how serious it was to me, I know I’ll never regret being a part of those photos.


At Valerie Kate Photography we strive to document these family moments just like you do. Whether it’s a smile or a laugh between brothers and sisters, or a quick glance between mom and dad, they capture the way your family exists together, resulting in beautiful family portraits that you can proudly show off on social media as well as covering all your walls at home. Over the years the dynamic of a family changes, new loved ones arrive and others part, but a simple photograph remains forever.

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