Siblings Session

Siblings are very interesting and it is fun to photograph them together and to watch as their personalities unfold right in front of you. These siblings started out a little serious but brother was willing to let sister give him a kiss on the cheek..

valerie kate photography blog sibilings brown serious and happy

Sometimes kids take a little while to warm up to us though and that is ok because we love their intense little stares. This brother and sister were a lot of fun once they got into the session.

valerie kate photography blog sibilings gold

Lots of future Fighting Irish in this city, and these are probably the cutest so far! Sister will be an excellent cheerleader and takes posing instruction very well.

Brother is absolutely stunning below. He didn’t give us much but that small smirk and connection with the camera had us all swooning with heart filled eyes.

valerie kate photography blog sibilings brown

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