Christmas at El Paso Childrens Hospital

Although not quite Christmas the amazing staff of El Paso Children’s Hospital and volunteers came together to bring Christmas to the children who would not be able to leave the hospital this Christmas. The children were very happy to see Santa and have their photograph taken but they were even more excited when we all started walking around and delivering presents.


There was one boy that lit up our faces with smiles. He was nervous when he first went to visit Santa but quickly opened up and followed as we passed out presents patiently waiting for his own. Dragging mom along for the ride.


The El Paso Children’s Hospital CEO gave the boy a present in the hallway. Quickly the boy tore it open and before anyone could protest he dumped the contents of the present onto the floor. Deciding it was better to take the toy back to his room the boy had no idea that one more toy would be waiting for him. This amazing day only got better as we walked the halls sharing the holiday spirit with all.


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