Best Outdoor El Paso Photo Session Locations! Valerie Kate Photography Location Guide

The El Paso area offers a wide variety of diverse locations perfect for your session whether you are searching for a natural environment or a more urban feel.

El Paso Municipal Rose Garden: Near Memorial Park, The El Paso Municipal Rose Garden is another option for a greener outdoor landscape. As one of over 100 certified rose gardens in the United Sates, the garden produces a wide variety of roses planted with trees, shrubs, and a waterfall making this a beautiful location for photos. Seasons: Spring, Summer


UTEP: UTEP’s urban campus area offers a beautifully landscaped backdrop that isn’t too distracting.


Memorial Park: Large and spacious, Memorial Park is a great outdoor spot for photos. The beautiful greenery and abundance of trees at this location will make you forget that you’re actually in the desert. Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall


McKelligan Canyon: If you prefer a more untouched environment, McKelligan Canyon offers a serene desert landscape. Located on the southeastern side of the Franklin Mountains, this site features robust canyon walls contrasted against the surrounding desert area. Seasons: Beautiful year-round


Trans Mountain: Another option for a natural outdoor setting is Trans Mountain. This pairs the same desert feel with a more mountainous background. The outdoor scenery changes with every season with special advantages year-round.


Upper Trans Mountain


Lower Trans Mountain

San Elizario Gazebo: Part of the historic El Paso Mission Trail, this is located in the San Elizario Memorial Plaza. Surrounded by trees and grass, this historical landmark is perfect for a tamer outdoor look.


Union Plaza: Located downtown, Union Plaza provides a charming, urban setting for photos. Remodeled from an industrial complex and repurposed for restaurants and boutique shops, Union Plaza is perfect for any El Paso native looking to capture the essence of home in their photos. Seasons: Perfect year-round


Plaza Theater Area: The Plaza Theater is a beautifully restored Spanish colonial revival structure. Originally built in 1930 the building provides a unique, older urban feel. Seasons: Perfect year-round


El Paso Train Station: Another historical landmark, the El Paso train station sports a red brick neoclassical style building with its signature bell tower. Built in 1906, this landmark is another perfect place for those who want their home as the backdrop for their photos.

Styling your family for a photo session (Tips for getting your look just right)

Styling your family for your new portraits is a little intimidating. Everybody sees family portraits involving matching sweaters, or no coordination at all, but it doesn’t have to go down like that. The right color palette, textures, and coordination will allow your family’s personality to shine through your portraits without distracting too much from what makes the portrait special: you and your loved ones.


Stay within a complimentary color palette that matches your family. When choosing a color palette, start with one color or one outfit. If you are in charge of everyone’s outfits, it’s easier if you begin by choosing your own outfit, then coordinate everyone else’s look off of the colors that you choose. Shy away from heavy or distracting patterns and also avoid large text, graphics, or logos. Also consider where you are going to display your photos in your home. If you want to put up your portrait in your living room, what is the color scheme going on in there? Take note of the wall colors, large artwork or other decorations you have displayed, furniture etc. The most important thing to remember is coordination, not exact matching. Once you have your colors pinned down, start thinking about patterns.


Notice here how everyone started with a navy or dark blue-green color. From there, Dad’s pants with Mom and Baby’s shoes add more color. Patterns are an opportunity for more color within your palette. You want your patterns to add texture and dimension to your outfit without it taking over. Individually, the family above is in their own unique outfits but can still come together as a unit and look good, which is how your family should be portrayed.

When planning your family portrait session, you’ll definitely want to look nice, but also remember to be comfortable in what you are wearing. If you’re comfortable during your session, then you’ll be more natural. Don’t worry, it is definitely possible to look nice while remaining casual.


Uncomfortable temperatures make even the best of us cranky so remember to dress for the weather if you choose an outdoor location, especially if there are little ones involved. If there is the potential for chilly weather, layers actually add a whole new layer of dimension to your outfits. Coats, printed scarves, or chunky sweaters add dimension, texture, and change of color. Since these items can be taken on and off they also help add variety to your shoot. We watch the weather very closely and if you are from El Paso you know how quickly our weather can change. Customer experience is everything to us. Your pictures won’t look good if you are not comfortable. We will not shoot in wind over 20mph, or snow or rain, and if driving conditions are too dangerous we will reschedule. Your safety is our number one priority so so in these circumstances photos can wait.



Make sure to leave plenty of time to get ready so everyone has the opportunity to look their best, including yourself! You know your family best, so if somebody is spill and/or stain prone, pack an extra set of clothes just in case. There is really no need to run out and purchase brand new outfits for everybody. The clothes you already have and are comfortable in will translate your personality through your photos the best. If you have any questions about dressing your family for your shoot, just ask! Here at Valerie Kate Photography, we want your portraits to turn out as perfect as possible.


Family Photography Session El Paso Ranch

As the spring approaches many El Paso families take their photography sessions outdoors. There are so many great locations in our beautiful city in west Texas. This ranch is just one of the many options for outdoor family photography sessions.

This family had a blast hanging out and running around. Family sessions are always fun and choosing a location can be really hard sometimes. We always ask if clients are wanting a nature look or an urban look. Where would you go? Join our mailing list to receive our El Paso Photography Outdoor Session guide for 2017 in two weeks!

Union Plaza Family Fun – El Paso Photography


This little cutie was hungry during the session and fortunately, we had some chips for her to snack on. She reached out for them and smiled for us until they were all gone. Then we had to figure out another way to make her smile.


She was disappointed that we ran out of chips but she was very happy to run around this cozy little alcove downtown near Union Plaza. She ran and laughed for the rest of the session and we just followed the best we could. This stylish family was absolutely wonderful!