Do you recognize this iconic look? Breakfast at Tiffany’s comes to El Paso

Have you read or watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Did you know it was a book and then a movie? Don’t worry we won’t judge if you didn’t and you don’t have to watch the movie to appreciate the absolutely adorable little girl below who mimicked Audrey Hepburn’s elegant and stoic style perfectly. This little one is a perfect model as long as you have her required items on hand such as a lovey and most importantly Doritos.

Another iconic scene from the movie includes Holly Golightly’s (Audrey Hepburn’s character) city loft where her cat keeps her company and wakes her up each morning to be fed. Our little model wasn’t crazy about the sleeping mask but she loved tucking her cat in for bed. We enjoyed this so much and minimal sets like this can be achieved easily. Call us today to discuss your idea for your next photography session (915) 637-4945

Baby Vintage Session at Railyard Studio – El Paso Texas

This session has that nice vintage look and Baby Boy loved it as much as we did. He probably liked scooting around the floor and running away from us but hey whats the difference, right? Everyone is happy and he melted us with that smile!

We provide a consistent variety of images for you to choose from. The reveal session is lots of fun and Baby Boy’s mom totally cried when she saw these photos. Don’t worry we have tissues on hand though! Give us a call today to discuss your vision for your child’s custom photography session (915) 637-4945

One Year and Cake Smash Studio Session – El Paso Children Photography

Cake smash sessions are lots of fun but we always start with the outfit first just in case our little birthday celebrants aren’t into the cake so much. That was not an issue with this adorable little one! She loved the cake and she ate a lot of it too.

Sister helped us get the lighting just right. Siblings are always great but sometimes older siblings need just that little bit of extra attention to feel like they are still part of everything. The excitement of a new baby and the first year changes everyday life for everyone in the house so we strive to include siblings as much as possible. Give them that extra boost in confidence and an opportunity to help out.

Family Photography Session El Paso Ranch

As the spring approaches many El Paso families take their photography sessions outdoors. There are so many great locations in our beautiful city in west Texas. This ranch is just one of the many options for outdoor family photography sessions.

This family had a blast hanging out and running around. Family sessions are always fun and choosing a location can be really hard sometimes. We always ask if clients are wanting a nature look or an urban look. Where would you go? Join our mailing list to receive our El Paso Photography Outdoor Session guide for 2017 in two weeks!

Christmas at El Paso Childrens Hospital

Although not quite Christmas the amazing staff of El Paso Children’s Hospital and volunteers came together to bring Christmas to the children who would not be able to leave the hospital this Christmas. The children were very happy to see Santa and have their photograph taken but they were even more excited when we all started walking around and delivering presents.


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Union Plaza Family Fun – El Paso Photography


This little cutie was hungry during the session and fortunately, we had some chips for her to snack on. She reached out for them and smiled for us until they were all gone. Then we had to figure out another way to make her smile.


She was disappointed that we ran out of chips but she was very happy to run around this cozy little alcove downtown near Union Plaza. She ran and laughed for the rest of the session and we just followed the best we could. This stylish family was absolutely wonderful!


Pretty In Pink – El Paso Children Photography


Before this adorable little girl was even born Mommy and Daddy knew just how precious she was going to be. They scheduled her appointment from the hospital and we fell in love as soon as we met her too.


The Itty Bitty Collage will help you see how quickly your little bundle of joy changes over the first few months. You will remember the days when they fit so perfectly on your chest and so tiny in your hands.


Making Memories, Telling Stories – El Paso Studio Photography



Making memories is a special series where our families can relax and enjoy a fun-filled photography session that is different from the traditional way of doing things. Everyone is encouraged to bring a plush character for some jumping on the bed! We just fell in love with this little guy and his Batman.

The best part of these sessions is the pillow fight!!!! Get ready, aim, and go crazy! Don’t fuss over the mess we will clean it up. With these amazing sessions come many laughs and giggles. Let’s make some memories. Mom and daughter just couldn’t stop smiling and laughing either.


Siblings Having Fun – El Paso Sibling Photography

valerie kate photography blog sibilings brown serious and happy

Sometimes kids take a little while to warm up to us and that is ok because we love their intense little stares. This brother and sister were a lot of fun once they got into the session.

valerie kate photography blog sibilings gold

Lots of future Fighting Irish in this city, and these are probably the cutest so far! Sister will be an excellent cheerleader and takes posing instruction very well.

Brother is absolutely stunning below. He didn’t give us much but that small smirk and connection with the camera had us all swooning with heart filled eyes.

valerie kate photography blog sibilings brown

Baby Blue – El Paso Baby Photography


Future Fighting Irish picture for Dad but Baby boy kept pulling the hat off to make us laugh. We just love when their personalities start to shine. This little guy is a huge flirt and captures you with his smile.


The cute bow tie matched perfectly for the Messy Eater portion of the session. This session lasted about an hour and we were able to get a lot of variety.

We discussed a few outfit options with Mom and she brought us three options to choose from. These overalls were definitely a must and we are loving the blue on blue.